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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update on the Euhus Fam

It's been way too long since my last post, but here is an update on the kiddos:
Turned 5 this month! She is reading at a level 2 almost 3.  She is so excited to go to school next year and will be in the Spanish immersion program at Lincoln, which is our neighborhood school.  She is my big helper with the boys and a little mama to her babies and Barbie's.  She loves being social with her friends at the pool, park, and at our house with play dates and then loves to have alone time in her room.  While in her room she loves to play Barbie's and play with her new baby Alyssa and with her new I-pad that she got for her Birthday.  She is finally sleeping through the night and when she has trouble falling asleep she gets a melatonin.  She just started a new phase of lying, its stupid what she chooses to lie over, but she is testing it out and learning that she gets in more trouble for lying than she does for doing the crime and paying for it then.  She is still a rule follower and wants everyone to abide by the same rules.  She is also still a perfectionist, which makes school fun for both of us.  I will teach her something new and she will practice it on her own before we work on  it together again.  That way she has it perfect and we don't get frustrated at each other for her not feeling like it is perfect and me not caring that it is perfect!
Turned 3 in March and is blossoming! He asked Jesus in his heart on June 13.  It is definitely a start for him as he doesn't understand everything, but the basics; he is a sinner and that Jesus died on the cross for him and that he is going to Heaven when he dies.  Joya has told him for the last year and a half that he is not going to Heaven because he doesn't have Jesus in his heart.  But now he does and Joya may be more excited than Timmy!haha  Timmy has an amazing imagination! He plays everything from animals in crocodile creek to being super hero's to being Ken and playing Barbies with Joya (he would not be a girl doll, so Joya bought him a Ken doll so that they could play together).  Timmy is attached to something new each week.  This week it is Tang and Baby Tang in one hand and baby Sharkie in the other hand.  We try to keep his obsessions to one hand but he loves to carry around little trinkets.  He still naps almost every day but can go with out a nap if he has to.  Him and Joya get a movie every Friday for rest time and then get to share a room on Friday nights.  Lately it has also been sharing a bed too.  Timmy is a little water dog too, he loves to play in the baby pool across the street. He will not go in the big pool but in the baby pool with go underwater, swim on his back, and stay in there for hours.
Turned 1 a couple of months ago!  He wants to do everything Joya and Timmy do!! He is still napping 2x a day and is my best sleeper yet!  He sleeps consistently from 8pm -6:30 am.   He loves his milk and no longer wants me to cut his food up for him.  However the Joya and Timmy have there food he wants his that way too.  David is not talking other than "Mama" and "Dada". He does point and scream/grunt at what he wants.  He does table signs for all done, more, milk, and please.  He is a fearless kid that walks through the baby pool without holding my hands.  He climbs up on everything possible and than can get down by himself if no one gets him down first! He has the greatest smile that can make everyone smile!  He also has a hilarious belly laugh!  He is a very friendly and loves his Daddy, and any other man figure in his life! He always chooses a man to a women if given the choice.  Accept for me, he loves his mama and never wants me to leave!!

Well that an update on the kids! I will try and do better in keeping up on the blog now that I am out of the sleep deprivation stage!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Update on the Kids

Puts everything in his mouth
Loves clapping
Loves watching Joya and Timmy
Hates sleeping at night!
Loves nursing
Eats table food now (after a month of on and off eating puréed food)
Wearing size 12 month clothing but getting small!
Can stand up by himself in the middle of the room!!

Loves the show Octonauts on the Disney channel
Favorite food is a Bagel and cream cheese
Hates going poop
Loves being tickled
Love drinking miralax
Loves milk
Loves to walk/stand on anyone's legs while they are sitting on the ground
Loves sitting on my foot while my leg is crossed
Sings all the time
Can recognize all the letters in his name
Can count to 20
love glow sticks and flashlights

Is reading small books!
Can sound out words to write
Loves doing school/ working in workbooks
Can't wait for kindergarten next year
Loves glow sticks and stickers
Can ride her bike all they way around the neighborhood
Love gymnastics ( participating and watching)
Loves working on the computer
Loves baking (especially out of the Minnie Mouse Cookbook)
Loves doing crafts/projects
Loves fresh squeezed

Friday, November 4, 2011

David is crawling!

Joya is doing an awesome job at reading. She can sound out simple words and can write out words by sounding them out. It is amazing how messed up the english language is and I never realized it until I have to teach Joya aobut different sounds each letter has, there there are silent letters but only in certain words and with certain order...it is confusing to her and a little unfair. So I have decided not to cover it all right now and I just let her mis-spell everything and praise her for sounding out the words with the letters she knows! She loves to do school with me, which is work on dry erase boards, workbooks, and on starfall.com.

Timmy is working on listening and following directions. He gets better and better at it each day! Today in gymnastics he did an exallent job of listening to his coach and following her directions. He laso is getting more daring and was able to do the high beam all by himself, and did stiff arms on the bar...its been hard for him to hold up his own weight!

6 months old and David is crawling! He also can roll all over, go from laying to sitting, and loves to be in the jonny jump up! He has started eating food and has eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, and sweet potatos. He babbles very loud to keep up with his siblings and their voice levels...the car is very fun these days!

Friday, September 2, 2011

David is 4 months

David is 4 months old, and I took him in for his check up today and again the Dr. thought he was older than he is. He is a big boy and his stats back that up. he was 90% for height at 26.5 inches and 95% for weight at 17.1 lbs. His little head is at the 50% at 42cm. He is a big boy that is very advanced! He can sit up, roll all over and even scoot around the floor when I set him down! He loves to stand up and look around while in the exersaucer! Joya and Timmy are his biggest entertainment!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's been a while!

I know it has been a while since my last post, but life is busy! We are however starting to get into a good routine! David has started sleeping through the night; he sleeps from about 10:30ish to about 4ish and then goes right back to bed til 6ish. It is nice not nursing through the night! He naps at the same time as the other kids about 3 of the 7days a week. Those days that they all nap together are wonderful!!

David went for his 2 month check up about a month ago now, but at that visit he was 14lbs 10oz, 24inches long and was in the 90% for everything! He's a big boy! I compared his stats to the other two and they were all the same length, Joya was a pound lighter and Timmy was a pound heavier than David.

David is trying to roll over, he makes his body turn like a banana but doesn't have the strength to do it yet...yet, it won't be very long til it happens! He is sitting up on his own for a very short time! He is the happiest baby that I have ever had. He loves to smile, giggle, and is very very ticklish! He loves watching his two older siblings and all the entertainment that they provide and occasionally is the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time around them!

Timmy is awesome! He is loving, kind and super funny! He loves to tell his eye joke. It goes like this "I got something in my eye." You then say "what is it?" He says, "It's a eye ball!" We love for him to tell everyone, cause he is so cute and funny! He is just starting to test me and the boundaries that have been set for him. He has now experienced time out several times a day and an occasional spank. But all in all he is a wonderful little 2 year old!

Joya has finally adjusted to David being here and that she has to share Mom's attention! She loves having Timmy on the bottom bunk of her bed at night and loves to hold David. She is a awesome big sister to her brothers! She has a sweet heart and we are getting to see it more and more lately! The tantrums have slowed way down and so has the attitude, which has been really nice for me!

Tim has also finally adjusted to David being here! It has taken several conversations, some being intense fellowship and others quick words, but he finally gets it that I do need breaks and his schedule has to slow down for right now! I know he doesn't like it but he is making the adjustments to make me happy and to help out more!

As for me, I finally feel good! I have recently lost 10 lbs of the 25 left over David pregnancy pounds. And I finally feel like we are into a routine and able to conquer the day! I even went to the grocery store with all 3 kids by myself! I definitely feel better physically when David sleeps through the night and when I can get a nap in the day! I think my hardest adjustment is that I have to always maneuver 3 kids! I can't just go for a run, because I have only a double jogger! So either Christi has to go with me or Joya has to ride her bike. I can't go bike riding when I want to either. It is also frustrating that just to go for a walk I have to wear David and push a heavy double buggy! So part of Tim giving up his evening activities has given me time to workout or just have a breather without kids!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The last couple of weeks

Ok here is how it went down after David and I came home from the hospital:
Timmy had a hard time seeing me in the hospital and then going home with my parents, so he gave them a tough night his second night there. He gave us a tough time his first couple of days home with tantrums and yelling and screaming "NO" at us. He was adjusting to David by screaming at us and wanting to do everything himself! Joya was good during the time that Timmy was adjusting and then it was her turn after he was done. Joya's adjustment came int he form of being really mean with her words and screaming at me. All of her actions were directed toward me and she became very hurtful with her words. Tim and I decided to reward their good behavior with tickets that they then can trade in to get prizes from "Daddy's Store." Joya and I went shopping at Target and got a bunch of games that her and Timmy could play together or by themselves, we also got sugar free candy too. They are very excited to earn their tickets for making their bed, cleaning their rooms, putting their dishes in the sink, brushing their teeth, taking their baths, saying their prayers, and obeying Mom and Dad. We don't ever take tickets away but can remind them that they can earn a ticket by doing such and such. The last week has gone much better for both kids! Joya responds really well the the positive re-enforcement!
And David is doing good, he has started a nice routine of nursing every 3 hours during the day and has given me even more time at night! He has started NOT going poop during the night and so for the last 4 days he has blown it out and up the back and ruined several outfits now! He has also started staying awake for a couple hours at a time. He looks around and has even given us a couple of smiles.

Monday, April 25, 2011